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Google+ iOS SDK 1.3.0

Google I/O was pretty busy for Google+ all round, and that includes from the point of view of anyone developing on iOS: we had (at my count) at least 25 iOS apps appearing from various partners at Google+ sandbox, there were a bunch of great questions coming our way at the developers sandbox, and on top of that my friends +Silvano Luciani and +Xiangtian Dai presented on integrating Sign-In, which you can watch on YouTube (or here!): One bit of news that might easily have been missed was that there was a new version of the iOS SDK released, version 1.3.0. This was a pretty small release for features, but incorporates a lot of feedback from developers, and addresses a couple of common issues. First, and possibly most helpfully, the various components have been packaged up as frameworks. There are now three packages in the SDK: GoogleOpenSource.framework - the open Google Toolbox libraries, and the Google+ services GooglePlus.framework - the headers and library file f