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Migrating from PlusClient to GoogleApiClient

Thanks for reading the blog! This post is pretty old, and the APIs it references have been improved upon significantly. If you're interested in authentication check out the new Google Sign In , and if you're looking to access profile data see the People API . Version 4.2 of Google Play Services introduced a new replacement for PlusClient , GoogleApiClient . While PlusClient is still present, it will be removed in a future version so its a good idea to upgrade when possible. The new class has been designed based on feedback from developers across various Google Play services APIs, and provides a much more consistent, powerful base. PlusClient was reasonably straightforward for developers implementing just Google+ Sign-In. Unfortunately, anyone looking to combine multiple services together quickly realised that managing a series of callbacks for all the different connections was way too painful. GoogleApiClient solves that by providing one central client to connect or dis