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Google Sign In with Server Side Auth on iOS

The release today of version 1.7 of the Google+ iOS SDK added the ability to authorise both a client and server for access to Google APIs. This has been a feature for Android and Web based sign-ins for a while, and now is available across all three platforms. This should simplify server side code for people who have been building cross platform apps - for example if you need to retrieve profile information on the client, but retrieve circles on a server for a friend finding feature. The implementation for iOS is fairly straightforward. When setting up authentication, simply specify the client ID of your server on on the GPPSignIn object. This should be a client ID from the developer console which is used by your server-side code, and should be part of the same console project as your iOS client ID. For those that have done it, this is the same parameter used when retrieving an ID token: You can see that the first part of the client ID (the project number) is the same, but the