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Upgrading & Using Google Sign In on Android

Very quick post on a problem I've seen a few people hit where they are upgrading a project which uses Google Sign In on Android. Just Tell Me What To Do Already 1. Upgrade your project 2. Connect your Android app, but do not  enter a SHA1 3. Go to the old Google Developers/Google Cloud project you were using and copy each client ID used for an Android app (e.g. the debug and release versions at least).  4. In the Auth > Sign In Method > Google panel, enter the client IDs you copied before.  This ensures your existing app keeps working, and sets you up for transitioning to the new SDK.  Why Am I Doing This? There are a couple of things to know:  The specific combination of Android package name and SHA1 is unique across Google. It can only exist in a single Google project, and is associated with a single client ID.  An upgraded Firebase project is a Google project underneath.  This means if you go thro